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About My Art

All of my work is made mostly with found or reclaimed objects I obsessively collect from all sorts of places.  Since I started crafting, I have been drawn to work with these found objects, bending, cutting, wiring and welding them to my bidding.  Since I was a kid, I loved taking apart things, marveling at the complexity and beauty of these hidden worlds and objects. I haven’t lost this wonder and continue to take apart ordinary things to get at the treasures contained therein, collecting those that call to me in some way.  This collection represents the range of materials I relish making come together.

While I predominantly work with found objects, wiring and/ or welding them together, I have also played with making objects using a 3D plastic extruding pen as well as utilizing indigenous artistic techniques.



All work contained here are pieces that represent the sum of my work to date.  If a piece is listed as "Out of Stock" this piece is not available for sale, but I may be able to reproduce it.  Reach out to me to see if I might be able to approximate the original.  That being said, due to the uniqueness of the objects I use to make my pieces, I cannot promise the reproduced piece will be exactly the same.  Finally, I am more than happy to do commission work.

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