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Energy Work Tool

Energy Work Tool

Words can't express how amazing and a privilage it was to craft this piece. 

This is a tool. Something that has a lot of power in it. As I was making it, I felt like Hephaestus!  From the bottom of the piece, the selenite helps clear anything accumulated immediately. Wired into a custom-cut shaft at the base of the stick, the wire wraps around in a web-pattern culminating into a wire loop. I single strand of imitation sineu (string and bee’s wax) pulls the wire mesh taught to the stick. In actuality, the stick is a root and curving around the shaft of the stick is a “stringy” root taken off of another part of the stick/ root. At the other end of this curved shaped root/ stick are an array of feathers collected over the years. They are all secured using imitation sineu and are arrayed in a way that made them almost look like fingers of a hand. On the back of the “hand” where the feathers are attached are arranged two stones. A small tumbled/ polished piece of Malachite is wired in using copper wire in a web-pattern. Further down the length of the back of the “hand” a piece of Moldavite is secured via imitation sineu.  The whole thing exudes the four elements:  earth (stones/ copper wire), air (feathers), fire (wood), and water (from the tears this damn thing evokes). 

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